March 2017 – . Kudos to the past Board on a job well done and much excitement with the new board for the promise of great things to come!

Any board member can be reached through
the contact page  of this website or;

(636) 299-3772

BoardOfDirectorsPoster2017c copy DUTIES OF OFFICERS

General Duties:

Section 1 C.O.P.S. shall expect its Board and/or members to serve in the best interests of the organization. They are entrusted with responsibilities of promoting the organization, securing funding for the organization, and ensuring that the integrity of the organization is preserved. They shall also perform the duties of their office as described in these Bylaws.
Section 2 Honorariums, consulting fees, presenting fees (as distinguished from reimbursement for expenses), and instructors’ fees earned by any Board and/or member as a result of their status with C.O.P.S. will be turned over to the Chapter.
Section 3 Any Board and/or member accused of violating Sections 1 or 2 of this Article shall be notified in writing by the Chapter President of the alleged violation(s) and given the opportunity to present his/her defense of the violation(s) before the Board.
Section 4 Should the Chapter President be in violation of Sections 1 or 2, it is the responsibility of the Board member designated to replace the Chapter President to notify the Chapter President in writing of the alleged violation(s) and give him/her the opportunity to present his/her defense of the violation(s) before the Board.
Section 5 Any Board member found to be in violation of Sections 1 or 2 of this article shall be dismissed from the Board pending a vote from the Board and the Chapter President shall declare the position to be vacant. If it is the Chapter President who is removed from office, he/she will be replaced according to the Bylaws.
Section 6 Any member found to be in violation of Sections 1 or 2 shall be referred to the National Grievance Committee for review of the Chapter’s investigation and to determine any further action..
Section 7 The Board and/or members shall maintain the confidentiality of the Chapter mailing lists and provide the National Office with additions /or corrections to the Chapter survivor mailing list.
Section 8 The Board shall monitor government activities at the state level which affect C.O.P.S. programs, activities, and goals..
Section 9 The Board shall be responsible for fundraising activities of the Chapter.
Section 10 Board officers shall assure an annual audit or audit review of the financial records is conducted in accordance with IRS regulations pertinent to the Chapter’s finances.
Section 11 Any member of the Board and/or Board Officer shall deliver all accumulated Chapter property and records to his/her successor within 14 days.
Section 12 Any member of the Board and/or Board Officer shall function in a volunteer capacity and receive no compensation. In addition, the Chapter shall not hire any part-time or full-time employees. The Chapter may however, contract the services of an accountant, financial advisor, or lawyer, et al, as needed.
Section 13 If the Chapter operates under an annual budget, expenditures included in the approved budget would be considered approved. All additional chapter expenditures shall have prior approval by the Board.ine since two signatures cannot be obtained.
Section 14 Debit card holders shall be the same as the signatories on the bank account.
Section 15 When using the debit card, use it as a credit purchase over a debit purchase whenever possible so that the signature for the transaction is on file.
Section 16 Any checks written over $500, two signatures are required. Debit/credit card purchases shall be preapproved by the Board.