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  Memorial Calendar
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July 2018
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July 1, 2018

Category: General1957-William Martin Landers

1957-William Martin Landers
July 2, 2018

Category: General1911-Andrew King

1911-Andrew King

Category: General1964-Paul McCulloch

1964-Paul McCulloch
July 3, 2018

Category: General1922-George W. McCready

1922-George W. McCready

Category: General1925-John H. Grogan

1925-John H. Grogan

Category: General1982-James Terry Garrison

1982-James Terry Garrison

Category: General1983-Thomas Glenn Jackson, Sr.

1983-Thomas Glenn Jackson, Sr.
July 4, 2018

Category: General1889-Edward Funk

1889-Edward Funk

Category: General1889-Galby E. Branson

1889-Galby E. Branson

Category: General1945-Melvon Litton Huff

1945-Melvon Litton Huff

Category: General1969-Dean Bird

1969-Dean Bird

Category: General2016-Paul Clark

2016-Paul Clark
July 5, 2018

Category: General2005-William Leo McEntee

2005-William Leo McEntee
July 6, 2018

Category: General1948-Edward James Fabick

1948-Edward James Fabick
July 7, 2018

Category: General1922-Bernard T. Cook

1922-Bernard T. Cook
July 8, 2018

Category: General1966-Harry W. Oebels

1966-Harry W. Oebels
July 9, 2018 July 10, 2018

Category: General1909-Henry R. Rickey

1909-Henry R. Rickey

Category: General1970-I Henry E. Thierry, Sr.

1970-I Henry E. Thierry, Sr.

Category: General1976-Harold L. Reeves

1976-Harold L. Reeves
July 11, 2018

Category: General1934-William F. Cotter

1934-William F. Cotter

Category: General1957-James H. Marsden

1957-James H. Marsden

Category: General1973-Raymond "Casey" Jones

1973-Raymond "Casey" Jones
July 12, 2018 July 13, 2018

Category: General1916-John McGonnigal

1916-John McGonnigal

Category: General1919-William J. Smith

1919-William J. Smith

Category: General1945-John N. Greim

1945-John N. Greim
July 14, 2018

Category: General1920-Frank S. Archer

1920-Frank S. Archer
July 15, 2018

Category: General1960-Herbert E. Bybee

1960-Herbert E. Bybee

Category: General1960-Kieffer C. Burris

1960-Kieffer C. Burris
July 16, 2018

Category: General1900-Richard Jarrett

1900-Richard Jarrett

Category: General1979-Walter W. Farrow

1979-Walter W. Farrow

Category: General2000-Joseph E. White

2000-Joseph E. White
July 17, 2018

Category: General1919-Fred O. Dawes

1919-Fred O. Dawes

Category: General1978-James J. Wencewicz

1978-James J. Wencewicz
July 18, 2018

Category: General1888-Charles B. Dorris

1888-Charles B. Dorris

Category: General1921-Carl J. Bickett

1921-Carl J. Bickett

Category: General1921-James H. Turner

1921-James H. Turner
July 19, 2018

Category: General1885-Daniel Sheehan

1885-Daniel Sheehan
July 20, 2018 July 21, 2018

Category: General1871-Jacob H. Baughman

1871-Jacob H. Baughman

Category: General1969-John Edward Dacy

1969-John Edward Dacy
July 22, 2018 July 23, 2018

Category: General1920-James H. Horn

1920-James H. Horn
July 24, 2018 July 25, 2018

Category: General1897-Richard C. Fleming

1897-Richard C. Fleming
July 26, 2018

Category: General1917-Harris W. West

1917-Harris W. West

Category: General1922-Harry W. Lemkemeier

1922-Harry W. Lemkemeier

Category: General1924-Bernard Early

1924-Bernard Early

Category: General1974-Melvin Dee Stiles

1974-Melvin Dee Stiles

Category: General1987-Charles Albert LaRew

1987-Charles Albert LaRew
July 27, 2018

Category: General1906-William C. Manis

1906-William C. Manis
July 28, 2018

Category: General1922-John H. House

1922-John H. House
July 29, 2018

Category: General1933-Morris Bigus

1933-Morris Bigus
July 30, 2018

Category: General1887-Anthony DeLong

1887-Anthony DeLong
July 31, 2018

Category: General1865-Joseph E. Branscomb

1865-Joseph E. Branscomb

Category: General2005-Larry William Cantrell

2005-Larry William Cantrell
August 1, 2018

Category: General1888-John Gardner

1888-John Gardner

Category: General1930-Clyde C. Moore

1930-Clyde C. Moore

Category: General2011-Frederick Freeman "Fred" Guthrie, Jr

2011-Frederick Freeman "Fred" Guthrie, Jr
August 2, 2018

Category: General1937-Condo Evans

1937-Condo Evans
August 3, 2018

Category: General1894-Michael Gannon

1894-Michael Gannon
August 4, 2018

Category: General1923-Michael Haggerty

1923-Michael Haggerty

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