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  Memorial Calendar
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February 2019
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January 27, 2019 January 28, 2019

Category: General1987-Kenneth John Koeller, Jr

1987-Kenneth John Koeller, Jr
January 29, 2019

Category: General1964-Glennon Raymond Jasper

1964-Glennon Raymond Jasper

Category: General1997-Willie Neal, Jr.

1997-Willie Neal, Jr.
January 30, 2019

Category: General1926- Albert Marshall Franklin

1926- Albert Marshall Franklin

Category: General1981-Mark Wayne Griffin

1981-Mark Wayne Griffin

Category: General2004- Nicholas Kevin Sloan

2004- Nicholas Kevin Sloan
January 31, 2019

Category: General1915-Edward G. J. Spilcke

1915-Edward G. J. Spilcke

Category: General1915-William L. "Dutch" Hauserman

1915-William L. "Dutch" Hauserman

Category: General1925-John H. Bohlen

1925-John H. Bohlen

Category: General1929-Roy E. Berry

1929-Roy E. Berry
February 1, 2019

Category: General2006-Andy Todd Early

2006-Andy Todd Early
February 2, 2019

Category: General1968-Hugh Levon Butler

1968-Hugh Levon Butler
February 3, 2019

Category: General1923-Hershal M. Wyatt

1923-Hershal M. Wyatt

Category: General1937-James Mobrak

1937-James Mobrak
February 4, 2019

Category: General1924-James Hart

1924-James Hart

Category: General1971-Richard Lee Henke

1971-Richard Lee Henke

Category: General1984-William Hiram Givens

1984-William Hiram Givens
February 5, 2019

Category: General1968-Michael Donald Onka

1968-Michael Donald Onka
February 6, 2019

Category: General1986-Wyman S. Basinger

1986-Wyman S. Basinger
February 7, 2019

Category: General1971-J. Y. Gasche

1971-J. Y. Gasche

Category: General1984-James E. Simpson

1984-James E. Simpson

Category: General2008-Thomas Frederick "Tom" Ballman

2008-Thomas Frederick "Tom" Ballman

Category: General2008-William King Biggs, Jr.

2008-William King Biggs, Jr.
February 8, 2019

Category: General1925-Charles B. Claggett

1925-Charles B. Claggett

Category: General1932-Oliver P. Carpenter

1932-Oliver P. Carpenter

Category: General1987-Russell W. Harper

1987-Russell W. Harper

Category: General2010-Don David McCutcheon

2010-Don David McCutcheon
February 9, 2019

Category: General1966-John C. Sauer, Sr.

1966-John C. Sauer, Sr.
February 10, 2019

Category: General1877-Henry H. Hughes

1877-Henry H. Hughes

Category: General1924-Chalmus Lee Blum

1924-Chalmus Lee Blum

Category: General1924-William H. Anderson

1924-William H. Anderson

Category: General2005-Molly Suzanne Thomas-Bowden

2005-Molly Suzanne Thomas-Bowden
February 11, 2019

Category: General1921-Willard C. Bayne

1921-Willard C. Bayne
February 12, 2019

Category: General1926-William Sass

1926-William Sass

Category: General1997-Vernon O. Winn

1997-Vernon O. Winn

Category: General2013-Christopher Simpson,

2013-Christopher Simpson,
February 13, 2019

Category: General1923-William C. Zinn

1923-William C. Zinn

Category: General1991-Chandler Sumner

1991-Chandler Sumner
February 14, 2019

Category: General1900-Lowell Pew

1900-Lowell Pew

Category: General1920-W. Earl Gowdy

1920-W. Earl Gowdy

Category: General1928-Paul L. Meyer

1928-Paul L. Meyer
February 15, 2019

Category: General1997-Michael D. Moore

1997-Michael D. Moore
February 16, 2019

Category: General1898 - John Thomas Davis

1898 - John Thomas Davis

Category: General1920 - Edward F. Dwyer

1920 - Edward F. Dwyer

Category: General1987 - Henry C. Bruns

1987 - Henry C. Bruns

Category: General2001 - Robert Alton Guilliams

2001 - Robert Alton Guilliams
February 17, 2019

Category: General1926 - Frank H. Kohring

1926 - Frank H. Kohring

Category: General1996 - Randy Vincent Sullivan

1996 - Randy Vincent Sullivan
February 18, 2019 February 19, 2019

Category: General1923 - Willard Laurence Ferguson

1923 - Willard Laurence Ferguson

Category: General1934 - John Ruffolo

1934 - John Ruffolo

Category: General2001 - Nathan Ralph Murphy

2001 - Nathan Ralph Murphy
February 20, 2019

Category: General1904 - Frank C. McGinnis

1904 - Frank C. McGinnis

Category: General1915 - Clarence Poindexter

1915 - Clarence Poindexter

Category: General1975 - William Henry Kitson

1975 - William Henry Kitson
February 21, 2019

Category: General1970 - Gary W. Snodgrass

1970 - Gary W. Snodgrass

Category: General2007 - Stephen R. Jerabek

2007 - Stephen R. Jerabek
February 22, 2019

Category: General1954 - Mike N. Pearson

1954 - Mike N. Pearson

Category: General1958 - Earl M. Anderson

1958 - Earl M. Anderson

Category: General1976 - Francis J. Graham

1976 - Francis J. Graham
February 23, 2019

Category: General1919 - William F. Hayes

1919 - William F. Hayes

Category: General1971 - Melvin Wilmoth

1971 - Melvin Wilmoth
February 24, 2019

Category: General1934 - William D. Hibler

1934 - William D. Hibler
February 25, 2019 February 26, 2019

Category: General1937 - Thomas Joseph Sullivan

1937 - Thomas Joseph Sullivan
February 27, 2019

Category: General1921 - Willis Martin

1921 - Willis Martin

Category: General1925 - Albert B. Cummings

1925 - Albert B. Cummings
February 28, 2019

Category: General1913 - Homer Riggle

1913 - Homer Riggle

Category: General1918 - Eli Jenkins

1918 - Eli Jenkins

Category: General1934 - Max W. Smith

1934 - Max W. Smith

Category: General1979 - Gordon Leon Galemore

1979 - Gordon Leon Galemore
March 1, 2019

Category: General1892 - William Sprinkle

1892 - William Sprinkle
March 2, 2019

Category: General1985-James M. Froemsdorf

1985-James M. Froemsdorf

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