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  Memorial Calendar
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December 2018
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November 25, 2018

Category: General1915-Charles P. Barmeier

1915-Charles P. Barmeier
November 26, 2018

Category: General1934-Grant Victor Schroder

1934-Grant Victor Schroder

Category: General1968-Ronald D. Yoakum

1968-Ronald D. Yoakum
November 27, 2018

Category: General1955-Wayne W. Allman

1955-Wayne W. Allman
November 28, 2018

Category: General1996-Christopher Lee Castetter

1996-Christopher Lee Castetter
November 29, 2018

Category: General1879-Henry C. Culver

1879-Henry C. Culver

Category: General1930-Louis A. Olivero

1930-Louis A. Olivero

Category: General2007-Michael Triplett

2007-Michael Triplett
November 30, 2018

Category: General1969- Albert H. Musterman

1969- Albert H. Musterman
December 1, 2018

Category: General1914-Samuel H. Holmes

1914-Samuel H. Holmes

Category: General1992-Jack Steven Shepley

1992-Jack Steven Shepley

Category: General1992-Stephen Allen Faulkner

1992-Stephen Allen Faulkner
December 2, 2018

Category: General1972-Frank Gilbert Dobler, Sr.

1972-Frank Gilbert Dobler, Sr.
December 3, 2018

Category: General1900-Reuben J. Chappell

1900-Reuben J. Chappell

Category: General1923-Wright Dewey Bryant

1923-Wright Dewey Bryant

Category: General1941-Fred L. Walker

1941-Fred L. Walker
December 4, 2018

Category: General1889- J. H. Morgan

1889- J. H. Morgan

Category: General1929-Charles H. Dingman, Jr.

1929-Charles H. Dingman, Jr.

Category: General1969-Terry Scott Simmons

1969-Terry Scott Simmons

Category: General2011-Jerry E. Hicks, Sr

2011-Jerry E. Hicks, Sr
December 5, 2018

Category: General1880-Michael Walsh

1880-Michael Walsh

Category: General1967-Robert M. Clifton

1967-Robert M. Clifton

Category: General1997-Thomas G. Smith, Jr.

1997-Thomas G. Smith, Jr.
December 6, 2018

Category: General1913-James David Lamb

1913-James David Lamb

Category: General1913-John Blair

1913-John Blair

Category: General1921-John J. McGrath

1921-John J. McGrath

Category: General1979-Paul Wesley Harlan

1979-Paul Wesley Harlan
December 7, 2018

Category: General1941-Victor O. Dosing

1941-Victor O. Dosing

Category: General1994-Fred Feuser, Jr.

1994-Fred Feuser, Jr.

Category: General1994-William M. Lark

1994-William M. Lark
December 8, 2018

Category: General1908-Albert O. Dolbow

1908-Albert O. Dolbow

Category: General1908-Michael P. Mullane

1908-Michael P. Mullane

Category: General1917-William Wolsey

1917-William Wolsey

Category: General1955-Charles J. Hogan

1955-Charles J. Hogan
December 9, 2018 December 10, 2018

Category: General1920-Charles M. Daly

1920-Charles M. Daly

Category: General1991-Charles R. Smith

1991-Charles R. Smith

Category: General1991-Leslie Blaine Roark

1991-Leslie Blaine Roark

Category: General1991-Sandra Belle Wilson

1991-Sandra Belle Wilson

Category: General2002-Sharon Joann Barnes

2002-Sharon Joann Barnes
December 11, 2018

Category: General1991-Timothy Riggs

1991-Timothy Riggs
December 12, 2018

Category: General1943-Ross S. Creach

1943-Ross S. Creach

Category: General1969-Wilbert J. Downey

1969-Wilbert J. Downey

Category: General1978-John J. O'Sullivan

1978-John J. O'Sullivan
December 13, 2018

Category: General1894-Isaac Dilley

1894-Isaac Dilley

Category: General1901-Michael Burke

1901-Michael Burke

Category: General1930-Eli Othel Bray

1930-Eli Othel Bray

Category: General1983-Phillip Allen Miller

1983-Phillip Allen Miller
December 14, 2018

Category: General2004-Brad Lee Schultz, Jr.

2004-Brad Lee Schultz, Jr.
December 15, 2018

Category: General1921-Gerald L. Fackert

1921-Gerald L. Fackert

Category: General1972-Harold Erwin Warnecke

1972-Harold Erwin Warnecke

Category: General2012-Christopher Richard Parsons

2012-Christopher Richard Parsons
December 16, 2018

Category: General1897-Willis Dearing

1897-Willis Dearing

Category: General1900-Raphael A. Girard

1900-Raphael A. Girard

Category: General1908-Benjamin Franklin Fox

1908-Benjamin Franklin Fox

Category: General1918-Frank Mansfield

1918-Frank Mansfield

Category: General1926-John W. Leiter

1926-John W. Leiter

Category: General2010-William Michael Mudd

2010-William Michael Mudd
December 17, 2018

Category: General1925-James H. Mateer

1925-James H. Mateer

Category: General1927-Oliver W. Cook

1927-Oliver W. Cook
December 18, 2018

Category: General1880-John B. Benham

1880-John B. Benham

Category: General1908-Elmer Magruder

1908-Elmer Magruder

Category: General1928-Alex Brown

1928-Alex Brown
December 19, 2018

Category: General1847-Enoch B. Morelock

1847-Enoch B. Morelock

Category: General1923-Thomas J. Wilson

1923-Thomas J. Wilson

Category: General1931-C. Roy Kelly

1931-C. Roy Kelly
December 20, 2018

Category: General1951-Clyde William Harrison

1951-Clyde William Harrison
December 21, 2018

Category: General1890-Nat Gaines

1890-Nat Gaines

Category: General1917-R. S. St. Clair

1917-R. S. St. Clair

Category: General1968-Edward B. Sullivan

1968-Edward B. Sullivan
December 22, 2018
December 23, 2018

Category: General1916-John F. Houlehan

1916-John F. Houlehan

Category: General1947-James Haskel Owens

1947-James Haskel Owens
December 24, 2018

Category: General1861-John C. Gilmore

1861-John C. Gilmore

Category: General1978-John L. Oberkramer

1978-John L. Oberkramer
December 25, 2018

Category: General2009-Dennis Edward Engelhard

2009-Dennis Edward Engelhard
December 26, 2018

Category: General1922-Dolph Walker

1922-Dolph Walker
December 27, 2018

Category: General1888-Henry Fahle

1888-Henry Fahle

Category: General1931-Jeremiah O'Connor

1931-Jeremiah O'Connor

Category: General1941-Ralph R. Miller

1941-Ralph R. Miller
December 28, 2018

Category: General1902-William J. Boka

1902-William J. Boka

Category: General1963-Marion David Reiff

1963-Marion David Reiff
December 29, 2018
December 30, 2018

Category: General1881-Martin Hynes

1881-Martin Hynes
December 31, 2018

Category: General1904-Claude Brice

1904-Claude Brice

Category: General1931-George Moran

1931-George Moran
January 1, 2019

Category: General1892-John Martin

1892-John Martin

Category: General1924-Dennis J. Whalen

1924-Dennis J. Whalen

Category: General1925 - Albert B. Cummings

1925 - Albert B. Cummings
January 2, 2019

Category: General1927-Edward J. Lally

1927-Edward J. Lally

Category: General1932-Charles Houser

1932-Charles Houser

Category: General1932-Marcell C. Hendrix

1932-Marcell C. Hendrix

Category: General1932-Ollie Crosswhite

1932-Ollie Crosswhite

Category: General1932-Sidney Meadows

1932-Sidney Meadows

Category: General1932-Tony Oliver

1932-Tony Oliver

Category: General1932-Wiley Mashburn

1932-Wiley Mashburn

Category: General1975-Russell D. Mestdagh

1975-Russell D. Mestdagh
January 3, 2019

Category: General1953-Edward T. Burke

1953-Edward T. Burke

Category: General2015-Ronald E. Strittmatter

2015-Ronald E. Strittmatter
January 4, 2019

Category: General1878-Benjamin W. Ayers

1878-Benjamin W. Ayers

Category: General2002-Scott Arner

2002-Scott Arner
January 5, 2019

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