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  Memorial Calendar
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September 2018
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August 26, 2018

Category: General1897-John E. Jacobson

1897-John E. Jacobson

Category: General1911-Homer L. Darling

1911-Homer L. Darling
August 27, 2018

Category: General2010-Paul Jeffrey Fricke

2010-Paul Jeffrey Fricke
August 28, 2018

Category: General1952-Charles E. Voracek

1952-Charles E. Voracek

Category: General1961-Arthur J. Marti

1961-Arthur J. Marti

Category: General2015- James M. Bava

2015- James M. Bava
August 29, 2018

Category: General2000-Thomas F. Henry, Sr

2000-Thomas F. Henry, Sr

Category: General2002-Michael Janson Barwick

2002-Michael Janson Barwick
August 30, 2018

Category: General1920-Benjamin Corner

1920-Benjamin Corner

Category: General1920-Eugene S. Conrey, Jr.

1920-Eugene S. Conrey, Jr.

Category: General1934-Edward Wood

1934-Edward Wood
August 31, 2018

Category: General1843-Samuel B. Wingo

1843-Samuel B. Wingo

Category: General1915-Leo Kraeger

1915-Leo Kraeger
September 1, 2018

Category: General1880-Thomas Smith McMullin

1880-Thomas Smith McMullin

Category: General1921-James N. Brink

1921-James N. Brink

Category: General1964-Paul Goldak

1964-Paul Goldak
September 2, 2018 September 3, 2018

Category: General1900-John P. Looney

1900-John P. Looney

Category: General1900-Nicholas F. Beckman

1900-Nicholas F. Beckman
September 4, 2018

Category: General1890-Louis H. Wilmers

1890-Louis H. Wilmers
September 5, 2018 September 6, 2018

Category: General1978- Alan Perry

1978- Alan Perry

Category: General1997-Jim Wilkinson

1997-Jim Wilkinson
September 7, 2018

Category: General1900-Salathiel Coffee "Sail" Aulgur

1900-Salathiel Coffee "Sail" Aulgur

Category: General1989-Richard W. O. Gammil

1989-Richard W. O. Gammil
September 8, 2018

Category: General1916-William Arthur Spangler

1916-William Arthur Spangler
September 9, 2018

Category: General1989-Michael A. McNew

1989-Michael A. McNew
September 10, 2018

Category: General1875-John Cummings

1875-John Cummings

Category: General1952-Ray Richardson

1952-Ray Richardson

Category: General2008-Grant Anthony Jansen

2008-Grant Anthony Jansen
September 11, 2018

Category: General1977-Sidney Leland Houghton

1977-Sidney Leland Houghton

Category: General1994-Todd Stanton Meriwether

1994-Todd Stanton Meriwether
September 12, 2018

Category: General1946-James Elbert Wallace

1946-James Elbert Wallace

Category: General1960-Cleatus L. Phillips

1960-Cleatus L. Phillips

Category: General1976-Fred Bemard Bergmann

1976-Fred Bemard Bergmann
September 13, 2018

Category: General1940-Sherman B. Winder

1940-Sherman B. Winder

Category: General1953-George Louis Johnston

1953-George Louis Johnston

Category: General2004-Timothy Andrew Nielson

2004-Timothy Andrew Nielson

Category: General2015-Steven Brett Hawkins

2015-Steven Brett Hawkins
September 14, 2018 September 15, 2018

Category: General1935-Frank P. Franano

1935-Frank P. Franano

Category: General1937-Elmer Dunn

1937-Elmer Dunn

Category: General1937-Olof Norfleet

1937-Olof Norfleet

Category: General1943-Charles P. Corbin

1943-Charles P. Corbin

Category: General1991- John W. Duty

1991- John W. Duty

Category: General2010-Dan D. De Kraai

2010-Dan D. De Kraai
September 16, 2018

Category: General1961-Aloysius L. Wisniewski

1961-Aloysius L. Wisniewski

Category: General1963-Billy Lee Sizemore

1963-Billy Lee Sizemore
September 17, 2018 September 18, 2018 September 19, 2018

Category: General1907-John Franklin Chambers

1907-John Franklin Chambers

Category: General1953-Doyne Everett Lindsey

1953-Doyne Everett Lindsey
September 20, 2018

Category: General1864-Robert Carmen

1864-Robert Carmen

Category: General1903-Thomas Hadican

1903-Thomas Hadican

Category: General1948-Charles H. Perrine

1948-Charles H. Perrine

Category: General1948-Charles William Neaves

1948-Charles William Neaves

Category: General1948-Sandy William Washington

1948-Sandy William Washington
September 21, 2018

Category: General1924-Garrett Groomer

1924-Garrett Groomer

Category: General1988-Robert J. Kolilis

1988-Robert J. Kolilis
September 22, 2018

Category: General2005- D. Kevin Floyd

2005- D. Kevin Floyd
September 23, 2018

Category: General1959-Samuel J. Cheatham

1959-Samuel J. Cheatham

Category: General1962-Richard Lewis Chatburn

1962-Richard Lewis Chatburn

Category: General1994-Roy Luke Bassett

1994-Roy Luke Bassett
September 24, 2018

Category: General1917- Charles B. Redmond

1917- Charles B. Redmond

Category: General1929-William London

1929-William London

Category: General1973-Virgil H. McGee

1973-Virgil H. McGee
September 25, 2018

Category: General1926-Eugene N. Lovely

1926-Eugene N. Lovely
September 26, 2018

Category: General1939-Fred J. Leavitt

1939-Fred J. Leavitt
September 27, 2018

Category: General1948-William S. Wells

1948-William S. Wells
September 28, 2018

Category: General1931-Adolph Kreidler

1931-Adolph Kreidler
September 29, 2018

Category: General1892-David M. Gray

1892-David M. Gray

Category: General1906-Humphrey O'Leary

1906-Humphrey O'Leary

Category: General1927-Edward Schaaf

1927-Edward Schaaf
September 30, 2018

Category: General1900-Thomas J. Bolin

1900-Thomas J. Bolin

Category: General2001-Steven Ziegler

2001-Steven Ziegler
October 1, 2018

Category: General1981-Jesse L. Henderson

1981-Jesse L. Henderson

Category: General2008-Jeffry Kowalski

2008-Jeffry Kowalski
October 2, 2018

Category: General1957-Richard Vance Reeves

1957-Richard Vance Reeves

Category: General1980-Richard B. Siebenman

1980-Richard B. Siebenman

Category: General1993-Michael E. Webster

1993-Michael E. Webster
October 3, 2018 October 4, 2018

Category: General1871-Samuel T. Herrington

1871-Samuel T. Herrington
October 5, 2018

Category: General1865-John H. Payntor

1865-John H. Payntor

Category: General1865-William L. Harville

1865-William L. Harville

Category: General1975-Louis D. Sebold

1975-Louis D. Sebold
October 6, 2018

Category: General1890-James Brady

1890-James Brady

Category: General1971-Clyde S. McGee

1971-Clyde S. McGee

Category: General1999-Robert G. Kimberling

1999-Robert G. Kimberling

Category: General2002-Vernon M. Seals

2002-Vernon M. Seals

Category: General2007-Gary D. McCormack

2007-Gary D. McCormack

Category: General2013-Joseph M. Peters

2013-Joseph M. Peters

Category: General2016-Blake Curtis Snyder

2016-Blake Curtis Snyder

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