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Portrait Art Of Missouri’s Fallen Officers

SlatenArt1 236x300Artist Neal Slaten would like to create a portrait of your family’s fallen officer to cherish. Neal resides in Wildwood and Camdenton, MO. He has drawn or painted for some 60 years. In his retirement from his career as an engineer, he enjoys painting for charitable causes. Neal has offered to paint for our MO C.O.P.S. family, to honor and respect Missouri’s Fallen Officers and their families. There will be no charge for this portrait through the kindness and generosity of the artist.

“I feel blessed to be able to provide some solace for those who hurt. If I can provide at least some small service, it gives me great pleasure.”

Neal tells us
“To me art is therapeutic. It brings a sense of peace and calm to my soul. Similar to meditation, it serves as a mental distraction from anything and anyone that may be causing distress. This time away from everyday life provides psychological and emotional relief that translates to positive physical effects. The pleasure gained from the act of creating art promotes self-esteem and healing.

“To draw you must close your eyes and sing.” – Pablo Picasso.

In short, I get lost in whatever I am painting. Hopefully my art can supply a window to a different world for the viewer, evoking fond memories or happy times with their fallen heroes.

There are certain eligibility requirements that must be met in order to request a portrait:

  • Portraits are available only one per fallen officer.
  • Requested by immediate family (i.e. Spouse, Child, Sibling, Parent)
  • This policy is subject to change in the future depending upon demand.
  • Request must be made through MO C.O.P.S

Please contact Neal here and make sure to mention that you’re going through MO C.O.P.S.

Neal is a talented artist, but is only one artist – each quality portrait may take a couple of months to complete. Please be understanding in the limitations, as we explore the best way to offer his very generous gift to our MO C.O.P.S. family of survivors.

The artwork does not include a frame. All requests submitted will be considered. A portrait is not guaranteed by submitting a request. You must receive a confirmation from the artist.

To see more of Neal’s art please visit